The Nugget has found a new way to get The Mister and I to say yes to things.  Or so she thinks.  It's simple, really.  She merely mentions the thing that she wants to do or to have, for example, "cake".  As the parents of a toddler, we are used to repeating what she says in order to ensure that we understand her meaning and praise correct use of words.  She has turned this repeating against us.  When we repeat something, such as the word cake, back to her, she immediately says, "Okay."  In her mind, it's a done deal.  She has requested cake and we have agreed to provide it.  Thanks Mom!  Thanks Dad!

Needless to say, once she realizes that, no, we have not agreed to her demand, there is much gnashing of teeth.  And screaming.  And sca-reeming!  Possibly tears as well.  After all, historically she has only known how to ask for things that we would certainly provide if she requested.  Things like milk, bezzies (that's berries, people; get with the program) or Elmo.  Reasonable things.  Now we have, "outside", called out during the rain or the 95 degree heat.  She calls constantly for cake even though I think she's only eaten it twice in her life!  Not to mention the frequent demand for "Mih Mouh" (again, hel-lloo, Micky Mouse Club House.  Duh.).  Sadly the Club House folks have not consulted The Nugget or myself on their programming times.

Anyway, she's pretty disappointed with this stage in life.  Oh, the grim realization that you actually cannot get WHATEVER you want.  Valuable, but painful.  Imagine, however, if this little trick worked for us.  Want some increased cash flow?  Just head up to the boss and say, "Raise."  She repeats it, wondering why you are grunting in mono-syllables at her and, okay, it's yours!  Tropical vacation in mind?  Hit your parents up with, "Hawaii."  Not only is the trip implied, but baby sitting as well.  Okay!  Wish your lawn looked nicer?  Head over to the neighbor kid and shout, "Mow!"  He repeats and, well, okay, look who's mowing your lawn this weekend!

The kid may be on to something, okay?


  1. Happy to pass along the cake habit to Nugget! Little Bear loves to scream for CAKE!! I think it was those cakey muffins from Costco that did her in :)


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